Who Am I:

A Vibrant, Transparent, Heartfelt, Young and Successful Author of over 50 books. Dr. Torbert is a Life Coach, Humanitarian, Educator for over 16 years, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Wife, Mother and Motivational Speaker who reaches the hearts of everyday people to give them inspiration through motivation. Her story is real and will capture the hearts of many. Dr. Torbert is the Founder and CEO of Education Across the World which houses Teachers Across the World, Leaders Across the World, Technology Across the World, Special Education Across the World, Gifted Across the World, STEM Across the World, Educational Leaders Across the World, Science Across the World, Language Arts Across the World, Math Across the World, Social Studies Across the World, Students Across the World, Parents Across the World, ESOL Across the World and Higher Education Across the World. These organizations houses over 1400 chapters including the local chapter of Teachers of Atlanta that was developed to inspire and celebrate educators. Dr. Torbert uses the platform of Teachers Across the World to constantly seek great pioneers that have impacted the world of education including innovators, entrepreneurs, dreamers, visionaries and change agents. As she seeks out these individuals, she engages in personal development opportunities through literature, circumstances and positions.  She has creatively overcome several challenges by zoning into her dreams and walking in her purpose. Her intention is to inspire and help others find their purpose. As a humanitarian and philanthropist, she connects with her community to save lives in amazing ways.  This allows her to help others improve their lives in different capacities and to encourage them to live a life that is promising towards a future of hope and success.

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Book Report: Release Party: January 2018

Check your vision 2018: January 2018

Conference: I am a better you: February 2018

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